Thursday, 26 February 2015

Effective SEO tips of Blogspot to increase traffic

SEO stands for search engine optimization that is very important thing to make your site viral on internet and to increase traffic on internet. Here SEO optimization tips are given for blogger or blogspot to increase traffic and to bring your site on first page. To get organic traffic by taking it on top of the results effective SEO tips are here.

SEO tips for blogspot: metadescription

Meta description of 2-3 lines for your blog is very important when you are publishing a blog. For SEO in 2-3 lines whole description of blog is helpful to understand it. Recently Google’s blogger provide you an easy way of custom description that is provided at right sidebar.


keywords are very important for your blog because people just search anything with keywords. So you can use 2-3 percent keyword density on your blog. But keep safe your bog from keyword stuffing means most of the blogger in starting lines of the blog use only keywords that make it meaningless. So avoid it.


Permalinks are the one of the most important part of SEO because this is the first thing that is seen by search engine optimization so you should take benefit from it. This link must be of 50 character that explains it and if you add keyword from the blog then it would be more beneficial.


images also can help you a lot in search engine optimization. Search engine does not see the images even they just read the title and alt tag.