Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to prototype an app directly on your iPhone?

Napkin is a small fry user boundary design tool made for scornful up quick ideas straight on your iPhone. The agenda is free to download from the Apple app store.

01. Add a Layer to the Canvas

Wherever you start when you open the app. The sidebar is exposed by a border swipe on the right of the monitor. Now you can select layers to add to the canvas, organize the grid size, and just control the appearance of the status bar. There is mainly four types of layers you can put in: Rectangles, images, Text, and icon too. Let's start by adding a rectangle.

02. Double Tap to Edit

Once you have the rectangle on the canvas, drag it about the position as you satisfy. Each profile has properties which you can modify. To show the control for all these, you know how to double tap any shape and background controls will come into view. Once the control is up and doing, change the color to black, then drag the controls rear down to release them.

03. Add an image

Now, images can be edited by twice tapping them. You can also restore the image with no matter which off of your camera move, but by default there's a pleasant photo of the Grand Canyon for you. Place the photo on top of the four-sided figure and inferior the cloudiness so it's dim. You can also change the exterior of the status bar to be colorless at this point in the sidebar menu.

05. Adding Text and Duplicating

Adding text to the image works as you would be expecting at this point. Add it as of the sidebar menu, and after that double tap to edit it. The text meadow at the foot of the editing controls will carry up the keyboard and let you change the text in.
One time you place your text and have the size, weight, alignment and color you want, hit the label with two fingers to copy it. You can do this action on any shape to copy it. Alter the text and font size here to be a subordinate line.

06. Adding Icons

You can put icons from the sidebar menu and change their properties just like you can with any additional layer. The app comes with a group of common icons from the Font grand library. For this mock let’s choose a search icon, now you transform the color to white and position it in the top left.

07. Finishing Off

On this point you will keep going and by adding more layers to the canvas to make your mock supplementary and more detailed, or you can delight it as a quick sketch of an idea which you'll take with you to the computer to finish off.