Monday, 12 October 2015

Interesting YouTube Tips & Tricks You Should Know

According to research YouTube is the third most visited page on the internet. We call it as a father of all video sites and the reason behind that is it was the first video site that’s why it is most popular. And it take’s its own place in computers URL because it is most visited video site by the users. YouTube is owned by Google now but still it is separate from Google video. We are daily users of YouTube but still we don’t know some interesting and helpful tricks of YouTube. So in today’s blog I have bring some interesting tricks of YouTube for you. So keep eyes on the blog I hope it will be interesting and helpful for you.

  1.  Just add “GIF” to front of the URL and enter this. 
After enter you’ll be taken to GIF YouTube here you can easily best the caption and length of the GIF and can easily watch the video as much you want to see.

   2.  You can stop “Auto play”. Find the Auto play button or symbol on the top right corner, click on it to disable auto play.

     3   Likes to see video in larger version then click on “Theater Mode”. By clicking on this your video screen immediately converts into Theater Mode screen. It’s a rectangular icon at the bottom right corner of video screen.

    4.  If you Love to Sing and listen Different- Different Language’s Song then I can understand that how difficult it will be for you to understand this. “Musixmatch” Is best tool for you it is a free chrome extensions that overlay lyrics on the music videos.

   5.  And last but not the least, some “keyboard shortcuts” for the video.
M= mute
K= Pause and play video
L= for forward 10 seconds
J= for rewind 10 seconds
0 number= for beginning of the video

1 to 9 Number= for forwarding 10% to 90% to video

  6.   Sometime it happens that we opened lots of tabs for videos and we wants to watch some of them but don’t have time then just add this to Watch Later and you can now watch that video whenever you wants to watch easily.

Add caption

 So these are some interesting tips for YouTube users. Try these tips and make your YouTube searching and watching more interesting for you.

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